4 roads nowhere on A3 ( 1 woods )
Neighbours argue over to lost woodsman . Blaming each other. To the north is broadleaf woodland to honey hill farm .Nice camp spot .Just of the road .Thats if you dont mind spiders . or pick flower mind the bees. Druids rome the woods.( wild boar) South is pine woodland to 3 pines cottage . 3 sisters own it ( good or bad ) Mushrooms Orange ones are where bears have pissed. White are stoner mushrooms live on rocks .Purple grow on dying pine trees. The ring of mushrooms is making plants grow faster and link to fay pixie world . Please do not touch the blue one are you get transported to the mushroom world ... good luck travellers...
This is one of 4 roads, 1 Wood, 2 Snow, 3 Swamp, 4 Desert ( So keep looking back in on road builders )
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