Dragonblood Cave
There is no time! Darshar The Necromancer is ready to bind the bones of Vargashgrax. The dragon was slain in the mountains above hundreds of years ago. His blood seeped through the cracks in the rock and created the Pools of Dragonblood. The followers of Vargashgrax collected his bones and made a shrine in the cave for their former master. Eventually they were hunted down and the cave was forgotten to all but the people of local villages. Now, Darshar has found the cave with the help of his orc band and is going to create an undead dragon as his mount and weapon.

When the ritual begins the bones of the dragon, one by one start to lift and join with the head. The floating head can attack.
When the ritual is finished the dragon will melt the cave ceiling and fly away with Darshar.
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