Deteriorated Cemetery
An old Cemetery with an old Tomb, that got broken into by beasts/monsters looking for shelter and food.

This Map has multiple level and is still work in progress. I intend to add more levels to actually be able to recreate the little story example below. Since the ground and top level can already be used I thought it would be nice to make it already puplic.

Story example:
A small child went missing the last information you have is that other children were mocking him for being cowardly.

There are also rumors of weird sounds coming from the old cemetery close to the town.

Unto further inspection in this Cemetery you are greeted by Gnolls who trapped this place and used it as hideout. After defeating the Gnolls you find a child hiding in a "sarcophagus". Seemingly hiding from a skeleton Warrior roaming in the room. After helping and freeing the child he acts suspiciously (very perceptive players might recognize that this child doesn't fit the description of the villagers), the next chance it gets it starts running and reviving the gnolls on the way out. The child wasn't the runaway, but a necromancer apprentice who tested his powers and got suprised and scared by the gnolls and the fighting sounds. The actual lost child is nowhere to be found, but their Headband he always wore (pretending to be a pirate/bandit) can be found torn to shreds in the Gnoll room.

(This seems like a good beginner level story in my opinion, but it is quite dark, be free to change it to something more lighthearted if you want)
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