Imperial Court - Falling
The demon speaks. “The Age of Light?” The voice doesn’t echo, like the King's – it is quiet, and you aren’t even sure if you heard it. You almost feel it more – like it’s in your head. Then a slow, rumbling laugh. “Yes, the Age of Light. But it will be our light – not yours. And this will be my Age.” All at once, the stars in the sky go dark. The only light in the sky is the terrible rend in the sky, casting everything in a bloody glow. Then a flood of demons pour out of the gash. At the same time, flashes of blazing white and red light begin to appear from within the top floor of the Tower of Kings. Chunks of the tower are blasted away, raining chunks of still-glowing rocks on the city far below. Terrible monsters land all over the city, and a dozen or so land in the square.
Roll for initiative.
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