Fellwood Roadhouse
I used this map as a battleground where the players had to figure out how to handle a goblin raid that was in progress. The front entrance had been breached, the guard was in critical condition and protected only by his weary dogs, and there were goblins causing chaos in both the roadhouse and the stables. It was a very hectic fight, forcing the players to decide between saving the guard, saving the horses and/or the stable (goblins set fire to the stable while horses were inside), put out fires in the garden area, or deal with the goblins looting the roadhouse itself. After a handful of rounds, the goblin leader inside the roadhouse realized the jig was up and made his escape with a bunch of loot, but the players were too weary to immediately face him while also dealing with the fires. This led into a hunt for the goblin lair (see Fellwood Goblin Lair).
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