The Arena
This map is for an objective-based combat arena.

Terrain and walls:
* Dirt - normal
* Sand - difficult for characters that aren't mounted
* Gravel - difficult
* The walls of the rooms /towers are half height and there is no ceiling

Special set up:
* The competing parties start on either side of the central pillar, unarmed.
* A mount for each party is located near the northern weapon racks (they contain lances)
* A flag is placed in each room
rings are hung from each arm of the dummy in the center of the sand
* A bowl containing 3 fist sized stones is located at the top of the center pillar
* The rooms and bridges are 15ft up. The center pillar stands 20ft tall.

Tournament Rules:
* Weapons (dulled to be non-lethal, but otherwise do normal damage) may be acquired from the weapon racks, or they may try their luck in unarmed combat
* Spell casters are not allowed to cast offensive spells in the first round. (Doing so is very un-sportsmanly)
* Points are awarded for various feats:
** Retrieval of a stone from the pillar: 2 points
** Riding your mount and using the lance to retrieve a ring: 3 points
** Retrieval of the opposing party's flag: 5 points
** Standing on the cobble stone platform in the gravel: 1 point / round
* You have 1 minute to earn as many points as possible
* At the end of the minute, points are tallied, along with the special Crowd's Favor vote worth an additional 5 points. Crowd's Favor is determined by showing sportsmanly conduct (not actually killing an opponent, though KOing may be enjoyed), exciting displays of power/skill, etc. Players may have existing favor going into the match based on their standing in the region, festival, etc.
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