Graywater Station - Updated
Dark waters fill the twisted corridors under the Realm’s larger cities.

Gray Water Station is one of 6 maps created for BATTLESAUCE - UNCHARTED a book where each edited map includes a new, unique boss monster illustrated by art director Adam Craft (Lostlorn). UNCHARTED also includes a new BattleSauce NPC to help you battle across the maps, now available on my website and on DriveThruRPG

BattleSauce is an RPBG (Board!) which can be played solo or with friends. Srsly. Head over to and grab the FREE BattleSauce RPBG Rulebook. Then create an awesome character - CHEF, WERETHING, MANIMAL, BARBARIAN, WAR WITCH, or GHOST in just a few minutes and get ready to rumble. You should probably actually read the BattleSauce Rulebook too.

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