City, Raven's Bluff, Market District
I'm making multiple districts of Raven's Bluff for the campaign I'm running and this is the market district. This map is the second district I've made out of a total of 5 or 6 that I plan to create. I'll be making a separate map of the interiors of the buildings found on this map. This map is supposed to show the city at dusk where part of the district is still illuminated by the sun and part of it is in the dark. It gets darker and there are no shadows in the SW, brighter and increasing sunlight and shadows in the NE. I wanted a certain look for the buildings, so I ended up constructing many of the exteriors using existing assets in combination with the paint tool.

The lamp lighters are making the rounds and not all of the lamps have been lit. It's a transition period in the day. The shop keepers are standing in the doorways, lighting their own lamps, and tidying up before the evening rush of customers brought on by travelers making their way to the inn, locals adjourning to the pub, or young couples out for an evening stroll and some window shopping. The district is still relatively bustling with NPCs as the sunlight dims and the businesses begin to welcome patrons late in the day. Each shop and NPC is a gateway to a side quest, information, or at the very least some dialogue and shopping.

In my game, PCs may acquire items after combat depending on what they've killed, like displacer beast pelts, that can be made into something useful by the tailor or traded for gold at the fur trader, but they must make a survival check to obtain the pelt after they've defeated the beast. The higher they roll, the better the pelt, and if they roll under a 10, they've botched it and the pelt is worthless.

There are rumors of those who wander alone at night disappearing and strange lights and sounds from the grates that lead to the sewers. All manner of merchants sell their wares here. There's an open-air market to the west. A wizard's or tinkerer's shop may be found in the NE. The only limit is your imagination!

Follow me if you like my maps or to keep an eye out for new districts as they become available. Cheers- Hun E B
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