Watcher's Keep
UPDATE: 12/3/23
This map feels beyond saving to me. Looking at it today, I'm not happy with any of it. The Roof level has also gotten messed up and needs more work than I want to put into it. However, I think it would be lots of fun to remake this one. Someday.

Hello there!

I made This four-level map nearly two years ago for another BattleSauce Snack - or short - as they were called back then. I would do all kinds of things differently today with this map, but the only update I'm making is the color grading.

The Watchers are a fanatical sect just getting a foothold in the Southern Hemisphere. As their numbers grow, they spread across the land, occupying abandoned structures, such as this one - using them to watch everywhere, especially the cosmos, for signs of things to come and take action when necessary.
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