SC Bastion - SC-1181-FS - Large Multi-Level Ship
A huge multi-tiered ship featuring over 50 rooms, perfect for your next sci-fi adventure where you players are passengers, crew, or even run the ship. Could be used as a hub or base ship.

The map features multiple levels and rooms:
- Topside
- Command Deck (25 Rooms)
--- Helm
--- Officers Room
--- Mess
--- Communications Room
--- Storage Rooms
--- Offices
--- Locker Rooms
--- Systems Monitoring
--- Server Room
--- Lifts
--- Showers
--- Toilets
--- Stairs
- Crew Deck (24 rooms)
-- Forward Mess
--- Crew Quarters
--- Kitchen
--- Engine Room
--- Locker Rooms
--- Lifts
--- Showers
--- Toilets
--- Stairs
- Storage Deck (3 rooms)


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