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The Night at Harmony Hill
by Botisaurus
The Cathedral - Microsetting
by Botisaurus
Dune - Arrakis | Spacemap
by Botisaurus
Shadow realm Mansion
by Botisaurus
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The case of the dead Lumberjack
by Botisaurus
Wild west trail
by Botisaurus
The Cathedral Classic style
by Botisaurus
Shadow realm Mansion
by Botisaurus
The Journey - Devoured by the Vortex - Letter/A4
by Botisaurus
The Journey - A Gate - Letter/A4
by Botisaurus
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Village's Tavern on a Rainy Night
by Arcane
West Way Charters Guildhall
by Arcane
Circle Four :: Greed
by BattleSauce
Skull Hall 2 - Classic Edition
by BattleSauce
Shadowfell Tower
by Arcane
Unsafe Camp
by Vogma
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DungeonFog Team • Designer • Storyteller • He/Him
I enjoy to make maps and software to make maps. Working at DungeonFog since 2019, Doggo dad.
Favorite rpgs:
• V:tM
• WoD in general
• Call of Cthulhu
• Engel
• Mothership
• Paranoia
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