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Cave Entrance - Foot clan hideout
by Zotech
Cave Hideout - Foot Clan Hideout
by Zotech
Forest Road
by Zotech
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Elder Oblex Alter
by Zotech
Forest Road
by Zotech
Cave Hideout - Foot Clan Hideout
by Zotech
Cave Entrance - Foot clan hideout
by Zotech
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Underground Crypt
by Jerbear
The Red Court
by Arcane
Wood Worker Shop
The Cathedral Classic style
by Botisaurus
Skull Hall 2
by BattleSauce
Everhearth Theatre
by LordGodd
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First off thanks for checking out my homepage. Unless you clicked it by accident, in which case CYA! But as for the rest of you stay awhile and take a look at my maps! Be sure to like & follow if you like what you see. Also if you want to get ahold of me for any reason here is my discord: Zotech#9535

I love creating new thing and maps have always been on my bucket list of things to try and get good at. Creating cool maps for others to use is inspiring and who knows, maybe I'll see one of my maps featured somewhere one day. That'd be awesome! If you have a request for a map just let me know!
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