Abandoned Town Gates
This map was created to represent the main gates into a small to medium town that has long since been abandoned. The intention is for a portcullis to be closed over the road, barring access to any cart or coach trying to get in. To access the gatehouse, the palisade is broken next to the east tower. In my scenario, undead roam the town but haven't had any live victims in a long time, so they're not active. The east building is a rest area for the town guards that were on duty. For fun, I made the upper bed a mimic. The skeletons in the room were described as spotless and clean. To open the portcullis, there's a crank on the upper floor, between the two guard towers. I had a bodak laird in the west tower, who investigates if it hears anything. If the entire party isn't very silent, some ghouls from the town center arrive to investigate, tracking footprints into the gate house. The party members can see them through windows or arrow slits. A few types of undead were in the west guard house. Some zombies, a few sword wraiths representing the guards, etc...

EDIT: I added more brushes to the grass and roads and added a few landscape items to make the area around the gate house less bland.
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