City, Raven's Bluff, Old Town/Graveyard
This is the third map in a series of Raven's Bluff districts I'm creating for a 5e campaign. I wanted to make a map where it's dark, raining, muddy, and oppressive. This district is the old section of town. Perhaps the original town center ages ago, it was left to ruin and decay as the city grew and its wealth moved to newer and more opulent districts. It's referred to as "old town" by the locals, and it has devolved into lawless slums where thieves, drunks, and corrupt authorities operate without lawful oversight. The adjacent graveyard is equally ancient, the names on the tombs perhaps known by some historians and undoubtedly belonging to nobility and/or heroes from the very beginnings of Raven's Bluff are worn off and otherwise lost to time. This is a dark setting intended for dark quests. I usually like standard warm tones for lighting, but used more green and purple hues to give it more of an eerie aesthetic. Scroll down for notes on the locals who reside in this district.

I hope you clone and like this map and the other Raven's Bluff maps I've created. I plan to make 6-7 in total.

Quest notes:
There is a blacksmith who resides in the northwest section of the map. Previously caught illegally selling arms to questionable parties, they moved their shop to old town to be free of prying eyes. They claim to be on the straight and narrow until you're off the street and then who knows what armor and weapons they may offer (for the right price of course).

The building to the SW of the main square is home to the district's constable who rules with an iron fist, extorts the locals for "protection", and who delights in staging grandiose executions using the nearby gallows as a show of power and for the pure spectacle and raucous crowds that attend. The wheelbarrow outside of the jail is used to cart the bodies from the gallows to the unmarked graves to the east. The constable keeps the wheelbarrow outside as a reminder of where you can end up if you cross them.

The building south of that (with eerie green light streaming through cracks in the wooden walls) is home to a necromancer who has chosen old town to conduct his arcane experiments. People in old town don't ask too many questions and that's just how the necromancer likes it.

South of that there's a functioning stable and even further south is a vacant building that could serve as a black market, gambling den, or just a hangout for the locals. There are burned out and abandoned (or maybe not so abandoned) lots on the southern edge of the map.

The ragged building near the W entrance to the graveyard is home to the elderly groundskeeper. He maintains a small garden where he only grows garlic. In fact, he eats garlic raw and stinks of it, no doubt a result of his firm belief that vampires and other creatures of the night have eyes on his graveyard. His ability to maintain the historic graveyard has diminished greatly over the decades and the graveyard is mostly overgrown. The groundskeeper is aware of the necromancer who occupies a building to the west and they have a somewhat adversarial relationship that could end up being comical as neither are particularly powerful or menacing. The groundskeeper feels strongly that it's his duty to ensure no bodies are removed from the graveyard, and the necromancer needs bodies. Use them as comic relief or up the stakes and make the feud deadly...

There is a prospector's/miner's camp on the N end of the map. Old Town is on the very outskirts of the city of Raven's bluff and it's a quick ride to the Earthfast Mountains. Old Town provides a convenient place for the prospectors returning from the mountains to camp and recoup relatively close to civilization before they head back to the wilderness to seek their fortune.

The building in the middle of the town square is the only remaining structure from the old days and is maintained like a historic relic, though its significance beyond being the town center when Raven's Bluff was founded is lost to time.

The building directly south of that is a pub and inn that serves as a headquarters of sorts for the local thieve's guild. It's actually a bit of a red herring as the real headquarters is the building just south of that (the one near the well and the goat) where the windows are shuttered and the front door and siding is made of metal. Perhaps there is a hidden passage that connects the two buildings or that leads from the actual thieve's guild to an underground complex.

There is also a "potter's field" of unmarked graves north of the old graveyard where the nameless dead are brought from Raven's Bluff and burried.
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