Perils of the Swamp: Human Tree
This rare tree blooms with white fluffy blossoms and appears surrounded by a multitude of human- and animal-shaped wooden outcrops from their roots all looking up at the tree. The blossoms spread snow-like pollen around the tree, which is highly neuroactive.
Every creature that breathes the pollen will be drawn to the tree feeling a sense of awe. If too much of the neurotoxin is inhaled the victim will move to the tree and stare at it motionless. More complex beings will occasionally awake from this trance but with no recollection of the time that has passed. Over time the trance becomes longer and longer until the victim falls into an endless coma. Over the course of the following days, the tree grows tendrils from its root towards an enthralled victim and covers it in wood, slowly devouring it.
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