Color Rooms
This is a small puzzle portal room set I made. The party enters the white room and when all of them are inside, the door evaporates or closes, or whatever behind them. The only other thing in the room is a skull made of crystal that is glowing white. There are three other doors in the room, none will open, and an arcana check reveals there is a magic force sealing them.

If they pick up the skull the lights in it go out, and the field around the doors vanish. Their goal (you can tell them or have them try to figure it out) is to relight the skull. When it is white again, the original door will open but will lead to the place they were trying to get.

The puzzle: When they go through the doors they either enter another room or something bad happens. When a door is opened, what is beyond is magically dark. When someone touches the floor in the new room it will light up as the new color, or the trap will happen. When characters enter a color room for the first time, that color lights up in the skull. If they enter another color room, that new color is added to the skull light. If the skull enters a color room again, the color turns off, enters again, back on, and so forth. The trick is to figure out first what doors lead to color rooms, and then what order to pass through them in order to get all the colors to be lit at the same time. Then when they enter the white room and place the skull back on the podium the door appears. Some passages are doors and some are hatches in the ceiling or floor. The description in the rooms tells you where each door goes.
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