Orc Stronghold
For the Horde!

An Orcish Stronghold lies deep in the murky swamp. (Goes well with my other swamp map of "Deadmire Swamp."
This Orcish Stronghold is complete with its cave to the Southwest where the orcs use it to stash their loot from raids and pillaging on unsuspecting caravans and travelers. Within these same caves on the South end you will also find the Worg pens. To the North of the cave you will find the prisoner holding cells as well as the executioner gallows. To the East are the barracks/sleeping quarters of the orcs. On the South side of the camp is the watchtower. In the main Stronghold is the Warchief's throne room where he keeps only the finest treasure for himself.

(I couldn't find the circular stairs that go "up" instead of down and I tried making these seem like they go from the ground level up, but I was unsuccessful. There is no basement, even though the stairs appear to go down, its really to access the second floor). The Main Stronghold, Barracks and Watchtower all have their 2nd floor mapped out.

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