Temple Mountain Fortress of Cinder
Mountain Fortress that also serves as a temple! Cinder is a dragon deity who when mortal created this elaborate fortress himself with his handy lyre of building. (everything is based off of dungeons and dragons on this map, most of it from the Stronghold Builders Guidebook 3rd ed) Later he became a god king among mortals, always protecting them when he saw danger! There are 3 levels under the rock and snow with a tower poking out the top of it with high obdurium and stone hybrid walls surrounding it and the front entrance from harm from most forms of attack. The sphere in front of the statue on the 3rd floor is a "Tornado's Eye", it creates a tornado outside your fortress to repel invaders, with 300 mph winds, flinging ANY who would dare try to enter and dealing MAJOR damage to them, otherwise the "Orb of Pleasant Breezes" is on the pedestal producing mild and pleasant conditions in a 2 mile radius around the orb!
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