City, Raven's Bluff, Temple District
This is another map in the series of Raven's Bluff districts I'm making for my 5e campaign. It's the Temple District and includes a temple to Lathander in the north (hence the rising sun/Lathander mosaic), a domed temple to Tyr or Ilmater in the east, and a tower and grove for worshipers of Selune to the west, but use them for any deities you choose. The sun is setting over the Dragon Reach, the smell of sage and burnt offerings fills the air, waves crash against the cliffs of the bluff, and adventure and intrigue are afoot! The other Raven's Bluff districts that are available are the Estate District, Market District, and Old Town. More districts to come, and all districts include access to sewers for more adventuring options.
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