Beachhead - Sea Town Series
Part of my Sea Town / series which I am currently adapting into a short campaign called "Serpent's Cove: A Tale of Smugglers". The maps are designed to all follow on from each other, with the outdoor maps tiling perfectly together.

The map features a rowing boat to start your players from, a small fisherman's dock, a main exit to the north and a hidden fern covered passage to the north east.

Playable Order:
1. Beachhead (Beachhead - Sea Town Series)
2. Rocky Pass (Rocky Pass - Sea Town Series)
2b. Smugglers Entrance (Smugglers Entrance - Sea Town Series)
3. Seafarer Camp (Seafarer Camp - Sea Town Series)
3b. Secret Tunnels (Secret Tunnels - Sea Town Series)
3c. Underhill Temple (Underhill Hidden Temple - Sea Town Series)
4. Seafarer Camp Entrance (Seafarer Camp Entrance - Sea Town Series)


"As the rowboat glides through the gentle swells around the coast line the salty breeze whispers along the rocky outcrops guiding the way. As you look up it becomes quickly clear how the smugglers have stayed here so long: the cliffs surrounding them are so high and imposing that a large direct assault would be impossible.

The rhythmic sound of the oars slicing through the water, along with the squawks of seagulls, accompanies the journey towards the hidden cove entrance used by the smugglers.

As you draw near the entrance to the cove reveals itself, unsuspecting from a distance, a hidden beauty spot. Deep blue tranquil water makes it easy for the boat master to guide the boat in.

The air hangs thick with anticipation, with the party eager to carry out their mission and reveal the secrets of the cove."


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