Lava Filled Cave System
A lava filled cave system, with dynamic lighting. The map features an entrance and exit, with many deadly lava filed pits between, and ledges to climb up and down.

"As you cautiously step forward, the oppressive heat hits you like a wave, the air thick with the acrid scent of burning rock and the distant roar of molten lava flowing beneath the earth. The walls of this underground cavern are scorched and blistered, the very stone dripping with liquid fire that oozes from cracks in the obsidian rock. The ground beneath you is treacherous, a shifting mosaic of crusted lava flows and unstable rocks, each step a gamble between solid ground and the fiery abyss below. The flickering light from the molten rivers casts a hellish glow, painting the cavern in shades of orange and red, shadows dancing in a macabre ballet. The air shimmers with heatwaves, distorting your vision and making every sound echo strangely. The distant cries of tortured souls seem to meld with the hiss of bubbling lava, creating an eerie cacophony that chills you to the bone despite the overwhelming heat. This is a place of elemental fury, where the very earth itself is alive with seething, destructive power, a relentless reminder of the unforgiving nature of the underground world."


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