The Royal Mantle Hotel - Large / 2 Floors
A large map of a hotel in the forests, a stopping point for weary travellers and adventurers. The hotel has a lower floor with a dining room and many meeting rooms, with an upper floor with many rooms for small to large groups. The hotel also features a stables, kitchen and pantry.

Perfect for a one shot where players need to meet lords and ladies, or for if you need a bustling hotel as a central hub for many side quests. With many areas for secret meetings, resting and meetups, with over 35 fully furnished rooms to explore.

Please note: the map features many lights, so if your PC is chugging as you're moving tokens then you can turn the lighting off. A lot of the object shadows are hand drawn so the map will still look great even without lighting.

The map features the following:
- Ground Floor:
---- Main Office + Storage Closet
---- Meeting Room x2
---- Large Office Room
---- Large Hallways
---- Small Meeting Rooms x4
---- Waiting Room
---- Kitchen
---- Pantry
---- Balcony
---- Large Outdoor Gardens x2
---- Stables
- 1st Floor:
---- Large Suite
---- Room for 6 x1
---- Room for 4 x3
---- Room for 3 x3
---- Room for 2 x4
---- Hallways
---- Balcony x2


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