Sepulchre of the Alabaster League
The Sepulchre of the Alabaster League is where heroes go to die.

Long honoured as the place where knights of the league go to take their respite, it has always been a holy place. While none really know what lies inside the sepulchre it is said that those brave knights who enter are presented with a choice, rest in comfort for eternity having served this plane, or continue to serve in the battle against evil forever.

A week ago Sir Tobrain entered the sepulchre to claim his rest. The celebrations of his bravery continued for days, as is typical when a knight chooses to enter the sepulchre. However, an unspeakable and unheard of event transpired that chills the bones of the city surrounding this holy relic. Sir Tobrain returned from the sepulchre, wounded and dying, only able to gasp out in his final breath to the clerics of the temple as single word.


The temple and the city now search for brave adventurers to determine what happened inside the sepulchre, knowing that those brave souls will likely never return.
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