The Ruins of Yin Level 1 - The Entryway
Long ago the Yin Empire swept across the lands like a plague seeking to bring all of Etaru under their control. The capital city was a megalithic structure the likes of which had never been dreamed of by any architect. Through foul sorcery and secret crafts, it was built to stand against the decay of time. It was believed that it would never fall, and that all the world would fall under the power of the Serpent Queen. But for the hubris of the mages of Yin, perhaps this would have come to pass. Instead, great storms of magic ravaged the land, turning all to a lifeless desert. The city of Yin, once the crown jewel of the empire and seat of absolute power sank into ruin beneath the sands.

Many believe this was the end of the empire, and that no evil could have survived the wrath of the gods. There are some, however, who from ancient lore and the tales of haughty adventurers who claim some portions of the city survived the cataclysm, and that wealth beyond count lies buried beneath the sands. But beware, travelers. For this great wealth is guarded by those same wicked sorcerers who once sought to rule the world, and prophesy speaks of a time when they will extend their wicked hands out from their tombs to rise again...
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