This is a Side quest - Many travelers are reporting being attached by strange creatures in the area of the volcano, "Perrulia" (Perilous land). There have also been many strange and frightening sounds from the caves that lead into the heart of the volcano. This volcano is mostly sleepy, but it still puffs steam, noxious fumes and lava still manages to flows from vents and crevasse.

It is a mostly a slash and dash type of map with the only real goal is to clear out its mass of caves. Doing so will gain the party greater favor with the king and surrounding areas.

This cave is home to some powerful magic as well with a room (level 3 Rm 6) that will transport the party to Moris-Holis year 2022. they must jump into the fountain by Dorella\'s Inn and shout the name of the sorcerer who created this trap (secretly engraved on the side of the fountain GM make up a name) in order to return. This is quite fun since they will be dressed in their armor and weapons causing quite a stir among those who see them in the city and soon find themselves in conflict with police and have to figure out how to deal with that and get back to their time.
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