Tom Cartos
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Wreckage & Ruin
Includes 373 Unique Assets
abandoned, apocolyptic, broken, car, crypt, damaged, debris, floor, fountain, furniture, old, rock, rubble, ruin, ruined, skeleton, stairs, statue, stone, throne, tile, timber, wagon, wreckage
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Wizards Tower
Includes 345 Unique Assets
arcane, ball, book, brain, butterfly, carpet, celestial, chair, corpse, crystal, cult, epxeriment, furniture, gothic, hat, hourglass, lab, library, mage, orrery, planetarium, portal, research, ritual, seal, staff, table, throne, tower, wand, wizard
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Trees & Plants
Includes 406 Unique Assets
anemone, beech, birch, border, cactus, exotic, fern, flora, flower, fruit, fungus, garden, greenery, lily pads, mushroom, nature, oak, palm, patch, plant, planter, plants, pot, pumpkin, tree, vegetable, vegetation, vine
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Transport & Travel
Includes 356 Unique Assets
bench, boat, booth, cart, construction, crane, crate, deck, hull, lightning, luggage, oar, planks, rail, rope, sail, ship, shipwreck, shop, stall, station, suitcase, timber, train, wagon, wheel, wood
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Traders & Craftsmen
Includes 289 unique assets!
apothecary, armour, baker, blacksmith, boat, carpenter, clothes, cook, crafting, crates, fishing, food, forge, horse, miller, net, sacks, seamstress, storage, tailor, tools, wagon, weapons
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Tombs, Traps & Temples
Includes 360 unique assets!
accessory, ancient, armed, ashes, bench, blade, blood, body, boobytrap, bowl, box, broken, bury, candle, cast, cat, catch, cathedral, ceremonial, ceremony, chain, character, chest, church, cloth, clothes, cobweb, coins, commandments, cook, corpse, cover, crack, cremation, cross, crossing, crystal, cup, curse, dead, death, decoration, drink, drum, egyptian, enemy, exit, feast, fire, fixture, flame, floor, food, funeral, furniture, gateway, ghost, god, gold, gothic, grave, guard, handle, headstone, heat, hole, impale, information, injury, instrument, japan, jar, jewel, jewels, jigsaw, jug, knife, labyrinth, lamp, lift, light, longdrop, mage, magic, maze, measure, metal, money, move, music, nature, nothing, old, open, orb, ore, path, perimeter, pillow, plaque, platform, point, pouch, pray, precious, priest, prophecy, pull, purse, raised, reading, religious, rest, restroom, riches, riddles, ring, ritual, rock, roman, royal, ruins, sacred, sacrifice, sand, seat, seige engine, sensor, serpent, serve, sink, skeleton, sleep, snake, spider, spike, spiral, spirit, spoon, staff, stain, statue, steps, stone, storage, structure, support, sword, time, toilet, tongue, tool, top, tower, trap, trapdoor, traps, treasure, turn, underworld, urn, victim, violence, wail, war, warrior, wash, wealth, weapon, weapons, wine, wings, witch, wizard, wood, wooden, worship, wrapped, writing, zombie
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Shops & Traders
Includes 337 Unique Assets
apothecary, armor, baker, blacksmith, bookstore, building, city, furniture, interior, jeweller, library, magic items, potion, shop, store, town, urban, weapon
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The Frontier
Includes 404 unique assets!
clothes, cowboy, criminal, crop, drink, farm, food, frontier, furniture, gun, horse, husbandry, leather, nature, pioneer, saloon, sheriff, storage, tool, treasure, vigilante, wood
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The Armoury
Includes 410 unique assets!
ammunition, archer, archery, armour, arrow, bow, clothes, dagger, display, furniture, gallows, gun, gunpowder, hammer, hang, knife, pick, pistol, protection, rifle, shield, siege engine, spear, storage, sword, trident, weapon, weapons
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Markets & Bazaars
Includes 400 Unique Assets
adventurer, bazaar, booth, camping, carpet, cart, coin, crate, display, explorer, food, furniture, gear, gem, gold, grapple hooks, groceries, hookah, jewellery, kit, market, pipe, ropes, rucksack, rug, shelf, shelves, shisha, shop, shopping, sleeping bag, spice, spices, stall, stalls, stand, storage, supplies, treasure, wagon
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Luxury Furnishings
Includes 379 Unique Assets
banquet, bath, bed, chair, couch, expensive, fountain, frame, furniture, greek, loot, luxury, manor, mansion, marble, palace, picture, pot, roman, sofa, stairs, statue, table, throne, treasure, urn, valuable, vase
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Inns & Taverns
Includes 400 Unique Assets
barrel, barrow, bath, bed, bottle, bowl, bucket, candle, cart, chair, crate, furniture, home, house, incense, keg, kitchen, lute, mop, piano, piccolo, plate, rug, sack, shelf, stool, storage, table, tavern, toilet, trough
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Home Furnishings
Includes 375 unique assets!
bath, bed, bench, blanket, cabinet, candle, carpet, chair, cheese, couch, cutlery, fireplace, flowers, food, hearth, kitchen utensils, meat, pans, plants, plate, pots, rug, shelves, sofa, table, vegetables, wardrobe
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Hideouts & Lairs
Includes 413 Unique Assets
alien, blood, camp, coffin, crypt, cult, dragon, goblin, lair, mage, orc, skull, temple, tent, vampire
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Feudal Japan
Includes 404 Unique Assets
armour, feudal, furniture, home, house, instrument, japan, japanese, kitchen, ninja, peasant, samurai, statue, temple, weapon
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Dwarven Kingdom
Includes 311 Unique Assets
anvil, blacksmith, castle, city, cog, dwarf, dwarven, dwarvish, forge, gear, keep, statue, steampunk, weapon
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Culture & Curiosities
Includes 400 Unique Assets
amphora, antique, bones, book, bookcase, books, crystal, desk, fittings, fossil, furniture, gem, idol, library, loot, mummy, relic, sarcophagus, skeleton, skull, statue, study, treasure, vase
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Cemeteries & Crypts
Includes 228 Unique Assets
catacomb, cemetery, coffin, creepy, crypt, dungeon, grave, graveyard, horror, skeleton, skull, tomb