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Forgotten Adventures

Forgotten Adventures produces high quality, versatile, and inclusive assets that are now also available in DungeonFog. All assets are produced in a detailed semi-realistic/painted top-down style that match between assets, maps, and tokens. 

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Table Clutter - Pack 4
Hundrets of assets for table decoration
goblets, horns, kitchenware, mugs, plates
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Builders Pack 5
This pack covers the basic walls and palisades from our builders pack
barricades, palisades, wooden platforms
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Dungeon Decor - Pack 1
Thrones, altars, book stands and more
altars, book stands, braziers, cages, thrones, toilets
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Dungeon Decor - Pack 2
Caves and Mines
beam, cart, cave, chute, coal, crane, explosives, mine, tools
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Dungeon Decor - Pack 4
Canons, Room Dividers, Couple of Musical Instruments and more
barrels, canons, musical instruments, room dividers, troughs, weapon racks
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Dungeon Decor - Pack 5
Maps, candelabras, trapdoors, modular pillars, various restraints and magic circles
candelabras, magic circles, maps, modular pillars, trapdoors, various restraints
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Terrain - Pack 3
Various types of stone flooring but there are also updated Grass textures.
cobblestone, gras, textures
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Vehicles - Pack 1
This pack covers the basics, various carts, wagons and couple of boats.
boats, cart, carts, fantasy, wagons