Forgotten Adventures

Forgotten Adventures produces high quality, versatile, and inclusive assets that are now also available in DungeonFog. All assets are produced in a detailed semi-realistic/painted top-down style that match between assets, maps, and tokens. 

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Dungeon Decor - Pack 24
Forgotten Adventures ~ presents ~ Fun with Flags! and Candles…
art, banner, candle, candles, canvases, flags, light, lightsource, paintings, sticker
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Dungeon Decor - Pack 23
This pack contains various sizes of boxes, lids and leather luggage!
box, boxes, crate, leather, lid, luggage, metal, storage, supplies, travel, wood
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Prefabs - Pack 4
In this pack, we have some filled tables, shelves, cupboards as well as standalone arranged clutter!
arranged, clutter, cupboard, cupboards, drawers, food, kitchen, prefabs, shelf, shelves, table, tables
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Table Clutter - Pack 11
Do I hear some trouble brewing? Well, since you have been flasking for it… We’ve got some Alchemy stuff for you! ^_^
alchemy, clutter, glass, glassware, potion, potions
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Builders Pack 9
Fallen & Broken pillars! ^_^
broken, damage, destroy, destroyed, destruction, fallen, marble, pillar, pillars, rock, stone, structure
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Wilderness - Pack 12
Some burrows, tracks and new selection of rocks and boulders!
boulder, burrow, burrows, dirt, natural, nature, rock, rocks, sand, stone, stones, track, tracks
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Textures - Pack 13
Varied selection of new ground textures! Corals, marshy ground, cracked stones and more! ^_^
coral, dirt, forest, grass, grassy, ground, mud, natural, rock, sea, stone, texture, textures, tree, wet, woods
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Prefabs - Pack 3
In this pack, we have prepared meals!
cauldron, dish, dishes, eat, eating, fish, food, fruit, ham, meal, meals, meat, pan, plate, platter, pork, prepared
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Builders Pack 2
This pack contains all new walls in tile formats, + new pillars to match those walls.
building, metal, modular, pillar, pillars, rock, stairs, stone, structure, walls, window, wood, wooden
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Dungeon Decor - Pack 19 + 21
This pack contains pre-constructed Forges, Fountains, but also a whole lot of modular Basin pieces and chimneys that can be used to make your own versions!
base, basin, basins, blood, chimney, chimneys, forge, forges, fountain, fountains, oil, water
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Vehicles - Pack 3
Ahoy matey! This pack has a nice sailection of Anchors, Capstans, Riggins and some other interesting pieces to help you with shipbuilding!
anchor, boat, boats, capstan, capstans, dingy, hoops, mast, mooring, pegs, platform, post, rigging, rope, rowboat, sailing, ship, ships, transport, upsidedown, vehicle
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Table Clutter - Pack 10
New Table Clutter is here! This one focusing on some Food! Specifically Cheese and Meat! ^_^
beef, cheese, eat, eating, fish, meat, pork, poultry, raw, roasted, sausage
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Textures - Pack 12
Varied selection of lava, alien and biological textures ^_^
alien, biological, blood, gore, heat, hot, lava, natural, rock, skin, texture, textures
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Wilderness - Pack 11
Another Expansion of our vegetation!
bramble, flora, huge, palm, palms, plant, plants, tendril, tendrils, tentacle, thorns, thorny, tree, vegetation, vine, vines
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Prefabs - Pack 2
In this pack, we have filled Carts, Wagons and Toolboxes.
apple, cart, fruits, onion, orange, sack, saw, tool, toolbox, transport, vegetables, vehicle, wagon
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Dungeon Decor - Pack 22
It wouldn’t be a proper fountain without some sweet adornments to fancy it up ^_^
adornments, basins, blood, decor, decoration, drinking, fountains, oil, spouts, wall, water
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Prefabs - Pack 1
We are starting a new “product line” – Prefabs!
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Interior Props - Pack 1
Continuing on pumping out bunch of new assets :)) This time tackling Interior Props!
bar, bench, chair, chairs, desk, furniture, interior, pew, rest, seat, seating, shelves, table, tables, wardrobe, wood
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Dungeon Decor - Pack 20
It might look like this pack kinda sacks… but on the bright side, there are shiny ores, ingots and molten metal.
bronze, chutes, copper, food, gold, metal, molten, ore, precious, sack, sacks, silver, storage, supplies, treasure
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Wilderness - Pack 10
Another Expansion of our vegetation!
bramble, flora, forest, nature, roots, tendril, tentacle, thorns, thorny, tree, vine, vines, woods
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Wilderness - Pack 9
Another Expansion of our vegetation!
biome, flora, flower, flowers, nature, plant, plants
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Table Clutter - Pack 9
STOP! Hammer time!
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Vehicles - Pack 2
Ahoy! It’s aboat time that we set sail towards forgotten adventures at sea! ^_^
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Magic & Effects - Pack 2
Burn them… burn them all! Our take on magic / spell / environmental effects – Fire!
effect, effects, fire, flame, magic, spell, template, templates
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Magic & Effects - Pack 1
Our first venture into magic / spell / environmental effects – Lightning!
effect, effects, fantasy, lightning, magic, spell, spells, template, templates
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Builders Pack 8
New selection of wall types ^_^
fence, metal, rock, stone, structure, wall, walls, wood, wooden
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Builders Pack 6
This pack contains new Door and Window options as well as some bonus stuff/addons like Knockers, Knobs, Arrowslits etc.
arrowslit, arrowslits, door, doors, entrance, portcullis, structure, window, windows
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Builders Pack 4
This pack contains Modular Pipes in 4 sizes and 4 color variants!
modular, pipe, pipes, sewer, valve
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Table Clutter - Pack 7
This one has a healthy mix of Adventuring Gear and other goodies! ^_^
adventuring, bag, bell, book, cloth, cloths, gear, key, magic, nail, napkins, razor, rope, scale, toolbox, tools, torches
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Table Clutter - Pack 6
This one focusing on some Food! Specifically Breads, Fruits and Vegetables! ^_^
apple, banana, bread, cake, cooking, food, fruit, fruits, grape, melon, pastry, pineapple, vegetable, vegetables
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Table Clutter - Pack 5
This pack is focusing on Tools of the Trades!
axe, broom, carpenting, hammer, mallet, needle, pincers, pitchfork, poker, rake, scissors, scythe, shovel, spade, tongs, tool, tools, trade
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Dungeon Decor - Pack 8
New Cloths, Wheelbarrows, Training Dummies & Targets, Curtains, Moss overlays and more in this pack for you!
archery, billiard, bunting, clothes, cloths, curtains, dummies, flags, lines, moss, overlays, pool, table, targets, training, wheelbarrows
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Dungeon Decor - Pack 7
We have a lot of new Fireplaces, Lamps. Street Lamps & various Lanterns in this pack for you!
fireplace, fireplaces, firewood, lamp, lamps, lantern, lanterns, lights, lightsources, wall
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Dungeon Decor - Pack 6
More “Dungeon Decor” Assets!
cluster, crystal, crystals, decor, mining, natural
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Dungeon Decor - Pack 3
More assets to decorate your caves, mines and other underground places ????
cluster, crystal, decor, mining, natural
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Wilderness - Pack 6
Expansion of our Stones, Rocks and Boulders!
boulder, decor, earthy, natural, redrock, rock, rocky, sandstone, slate, stone, terrain
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Wilderness - Pack 7
This pack contains 3 new cliff versions in 5 color variants!
cave, cliff, cliffs, elevation, entrance, stone, tile, tiles
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Table Clutter - Pack 4
Hundrets of assets for table decoration
goblets, horns, kitchenware, mugs, plates
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Builders Pack 5
This pack covers the basic walls and palisades from our builders pack
barricades, palisades, wooden platforms
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Dungeon Decor - Pack 1
Thrones, altars, book stands and more
altars, book stands, braziers, cages, thrones, toilets
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Dungeon Decor - Pack 2
Caves and Mines
beam, cart, cave, chute, coal, crane, explosives, mine, tools
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Dungeon Decor - Pack 4
Canons, Room Dividers, Couple of Musical Instruments and more
barrels, canons, musical instruments, room dividers, troughs, weapon racks
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Dungeon Decor - Pack 5
Maps, candelabras, trapdoors, modular pillars, various restraints and magic circles
candelabras, magic circles, maps, modular pillars, trapdoors, various restraints
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Textures - Pack 3
Various types of stone flooring but there are also updated Grass textures.
cobblestone, gras, textures
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Vehicles - Pack 1
This pack covers the basics, various carts, wagons and couple of boats.
boats, cart, carts, fantasy, wagons
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Table Clutter - Pack 8
This pack contains a healthy mix of Treasures! ^_^
bangle, bracelet, crown, gems, ring, treasure
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Dungeon Decor - Pack 16
In this pack you can find Broken glass shards and piles, as well as broken wall endings and Display Cases!
broken, case, display, ending, glass, pile, pillow, rubble, shard, wall
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Dungeon Decor - Pack 15
It’s dangerous to go alone, take one of these!
arrow, axe, bow, combat, crossbow, dagger, fan, glaive, greataxe, greatsword, halberd, hammer, handaxe, longsword, mace, magic, magical, musket, pistol, polearm, rapier, scythe, shield, sickle, spear, staff, sword, weapon, weapons, whip
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Dungeon Decor - Pack 14
The destruction continues!
broken, chair, chairs, damaged, destruction, door, doors, fallen, furniture, stool, stools, table, tables, toppled
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Dungeon Decor - Pack 13
Sooooo much treasure you can swim in it!
coin, coins, pile, piles, treasure, treasures
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Dungeon Decor - Pack 12
Individual pieces of broken off stones, bricks and wood.
brick, damage, damaged, debris, destroyed, destruction, rock, rubble, splinters, stone, wood
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Dungeon Decor - Pack 10
This pack contains coffins, graves, tombstones, sarcophagi and cobwebs ????
bodies, cemetery, cobwebs, coffin, coffins, grave, graves, graveyard, mummy, sarcophagus, spiderwebs, tomb, tombstone
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Dungeon Decor - Pack 9
This pack contains basics, such as Hooded figures, Knights, Basic shapes and Bases.
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Wilderness - Pack 5
Expansion of our vegetation!
cattails, flora, flowers, grass, lily, long, moss, nature, pads, plants, trees, vines, water
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Wilderness - Pack 4
Expansion of our vegetation!
bushes, flora, fungi, fungus, lichen, mushrooms, plants, shrooms, tops, tree, trees
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Dungeon Decor - Pack 11
This pack contains piles of generic stone, wood and mixed.
damage, damaged, debris, destroyed, destruction, rock, rubble, splinters, stone, wood
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Textures - Pack 4
This pack has some revamped Grass textures a lot of new mud/dirt textures, couple of forest floors and more!
dirt, floor, forest, grass, ice, mud, overlay, roof, rug, space, stone, texture, winter
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Textures - Pack 5
This pack contains new water, rock and terrain textures, flooring such as marble and rocky tiles.
floor, grout, hatching, lake, marble, misc, nature, overlay, pattern, river, rock, rocky, stone, terrain, texture, water
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Textures - Pack 6
This pack contains Wooden flooring s + damage overlays, Metal & Wooden Grates, Acid, Large Flagstones & Cobblestone!
acid, floor, grate, rock, stone, terrain, texture, wood, wooden
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Textures - Pack 7
New, more detailed and improved options for gravel/stone/dirt and grass!
dirt, grass, grassy, gravel, ground, natural, nature, overlay, rock, rocky, stone, terrain, texture
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Textures - Pack 8
This pack contains sand, gravel, cave floors, opaque water and fog overlays for good measure.
cave, dirt, floor, fog, gravel, lake, natural, nature, opaque, overlay, river, sand, sandstorm, terrain, texture, water
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Textures - Pack 9
Fancier wooden flooring, hexagonal stone floors and couple more extra goodies.
ashen, coin, dark, fairy, floor, glass, hexagonal, light, loot, overlay, pile, rock, stone, texture, tile, tiles, transparent, treasure, wood, wooden
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Textures - Pack 10
Fancy stone floor textures ^_^
diagonal, floor, flooring, rock, rocky, square, stone, texture
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Wilderness - Pack 1-2
Winter is here! At least in the form of Assets ????
bare, boulders, bush, bushes, cliffs, fallen, ice, pine, pines, rock, rocks, snow, snowdrifts, snowy, spikes, stones, stumps, tree, trees, trunks, winter
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Wilderness - Pack 3
New Stumps, New Bare Trees + Tree Branches so you can build your own Trees, Tree Tops, Tree Logs, Boulders, 7 New Plant types!
bare, berries, boulders, branches, bush, bushes, fern, ferns, flora, forest, logs, plant, plants, stumps, tree, trees, treetops, twigs, vegetation
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Wilderness - Pack 8
Various foamy goodness, waves, waterfalls, jets etc.
foam, river, water, waterfalls, waves
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Table Clutter - Pack 2
This one is focusing on various Spell and/or Alchemy Components and Reagents ????
antler, antlers, berries, bird, clam, claws, coral, crystal, crystals, egg, eggs, eyeball, feather, feathers, finger, flower, fossil, fungus, garlic, gem, heart, horn, plant, plants, powder, reagents, root, roots, scales, shards, shell, skull, talon, teeth, toe, tusk, wing, wings
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Table Clutter - Pack 3
This pack focusing on various Magical and Arcane stuffs????
amulet, book, bottle, candle, candles, crystal, crystals, diadem, hat, ink, journal, lamp, leather, light, mage, magic, orb, pentacle, pipe, potion, quill, scroll, skull, spell, spellbook, staff, tarot, tome, witch, wizard
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Death & Decay - Pack 1
Need to bring some Death and Gore to your maps? We’ve got just the thing for you! ^^
axe, battleaxe, blood, bodies, body, club, corpse, corpses, dagger, dead, death, flail, glaive, great, greataxe, greatclub, greatsword, guard, guards, halberd, hammer, horse, horses, javelin, kite, lance, light, longsword, mace, morningstar, pike, quarterstaff, rapier, remains, scimitar, shield, shortsword, sickle, spear, sword, trident, warhammer, warpick
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Death & Decay - Pack 2
This pack contains bodies in various stages of decay and dismemberment, as well as some nice new blood overlays.
blood, bodies, body, dead, decay, dismemberment, gore, hearth, intestine, limbs, parts, severed
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Interior Props - Pack 2
This pack contains various containers. buckets, wash/bath tubs. cooking pits etc.
barrel, basket, bath, box, chest, cook, cooking, crate, furniture, mirror, oven, pit, sack, sink, stove, toy, treasure
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Interior Props - Pack 3
This pack contains different types of furniture.
armchair, bench, chair, chairs, couch, furniture, interior, lounge, ottoman, pillow, pillows, rest, scissor, seat, seating, sofa, stool
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Interior Props - Pack 5
Even More Interior Props? Why not!
book, books, bookshelve, bottle, box, candle, carpet, crate, furniture, interior, keg, library, light, rug, stretcher
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Dungeon Decor - Pack 17
Moar Dungeon Decor delving a little bit into Mechanus territory ^_^
clock, clocks, cog, cogs, mechanus, parts
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Weapons - Pack 1
Pack full of Weapons! You can find almost All 5e Weapons from PHB (except Blowgun, Dart, Net and Sling) in this pack + Various Shields!
arrow, axe, battleaxe, club, crossbow, dagger, flail, glaive, great, greataxe, greatclub, greatsword, halberd, hammer, javelin, kite, lance, light, longbow, longsword, mace, morningstar, pike, quarterstaff, quiver, rapier, scimitar, shield, shortbow, shortsword, sickle, spear, sword, trident, warhammer, warpick, whip
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Modular Skeletons - Pack 1
With this pack you build your own skeletons in various poses.
bone, bones, corpse, corpses, dragonborn, dwarf, halfling, human, humanoids, remains, skeleton, skeletons
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Interior Props - Pack 4
Mooooooore Interior Props! This time we bring you some resting options ^^
animal, bear, bed, beds, blanket, frame, furniture, hammock, hay, interior, lion, mat, mattress, pillow, rest, rug, sleep, sleeping
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Modular Caves
Fully modular Cave wall tiles????
cave, caves, modular, set, tile, underdark, underground
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Builders Pack 3
New Wooden Walkway tiles in 2 variants – Nails or Rope Tied
bridge, bridges, fence, ladder, ladders, nails, plank, planks, structure, walkway, walkways, wood
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Builders Pack 7
New selection of stoney wall types ^_^
asset, building, modular, rock, stone, structure, tile, tiles, wall
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Textures - Pack 11
Varied selection of metal floor textures ^_^
floor, frame, metal, modern, scifi, texture
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Dungeon Decor - Pack 18
Moar Dungeon Decor delving a bit more into Mechanus territory but also some general stuffs ^_^
bell, bells, bolt, bolts, cable, cables, cog, cogs, grates, mechanical, mechanus, metal, nut, nuts, parts, scrap, spring, springs, wire, wires