Abandoned Research Facility overrun by Cannibalistic Cultists / Wendigos Underground Magazine
This is the underground storage facility section of the two level map pack I made. For more details on the story behind these maps go to Abandoned Research Facility overrun by Cannabilistic Cultists / Wendigos Ground Floor. The story for this map is that one of the researchers tried to make off with the unholy artifact and in the process punctured one of the canisters of Fluorescing Astral Bacteria, which is meant to encase the artifact in a protective layer not allowing it to suck the ambient mana in order to increase the background count and open a portal to the metaplane of Elder Gods. The breech ended up killing a bunch of the researchers who remain in their Hazmat suits reduced to skeletons and the piles of molten ash are the remnants of Hazmat suits that were burned for contaiment protocols. There is a large anthropomorphic robot overlooking the case that contains the artifact that will trigger its defense protocols upon removal of the artifact. The facility attempted many experiments on the artifact which is what the two worktables represent, both mechanical and chemical experiments. The rest of the storage can be whatever you like.
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