Dragon's Lair/Ancient Ruins pt 2
The map is part 2 in a series. The first map allows entrance to this map via the secret waterfall cave. These ruins are inside of the Earthfast Mountains in my campaign and are home to a golden dragon who is being held a prisoner in her own lair due to some malevolent beings/demons who want her eggs. They intend on using the eggs to be "re-born" in the material plane. The dragon has made her lair beneath the ancient ruins.

I wanted the inside of the ruins to be open/transparent and large in scale so that the PCs and NPCs could fly and creatively use cover in battle inside the mountain. There are multiple transparent levels used to achieve this effect. I also enjoyed playing with the sunlight streaming in through the hole found at the top of the mountain. Lots of interior detail, like painted rubble to match the crumbling balcony above and I've "aged" the stone work on the reflecting pools inside. The exterior could be the remnants of a volcano or a stand-alone ziggurat.

At the entrance to the lair section in the lower level, there is a thunder cloud, which is a DEX trap designed to get intruders to remove anything metal (e.g., armor, weapons, etc.) or be zapped. Since the dragon has been held captive by demons (she is located in the lowest level/treasure room in my campaign), mimics and dark mantles have moved in near the dining table (the dark mantles disguised as curtains) to ambush the party. This particular dragon spends a lot of time poly-morphed as a bi-ped/human, hence the standard living quarters. Additionally, there is a puzzle involving the mirror in her room where she's trapped a wizard in a pocket plane. The wizard may be rescued and of some use if the party makes the bedroom reflect the image in the mirror the wizard is trapped in, which could require the use of the minor illusion spell or similar to achieve the goal. Lastly, there is a gallery of precious artifacts that leads to the lower level where the dragon's horde is. The gallery is full of interesting objects, like animated paintings, living armor, and a clockwork spider, that you can adapt to your own game. The lowest level of the map is intended for a boss battle. There's no telling what kinds of foul creatures have moved in to these ruins while the dragon has been subdued!
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