City, Raven's Bluff, Market District (interiors)
This map is the interiors of the buildings in the "Market District" map in my profile, so if you like that map, consider using this one as well. I'm making multiple districts in Raven's Bluff for the campaign I'm running. Eventually I'll create maps for 4-6 different districts within Raven's Bluff so that the party can freely choose where to go within the city and gather side quests within the various districts, some of which will connect back to the main campaign arc.

This map includes: an herbalist/potion shop, a mage's shop/tower, a books and maps store, a bakery, a tavern/inn, a toy store, a tailor, a smoke shop, a stable, and a merchants' guild hall/vault. The merchants' guild hall is a favorite of mine due to the ornate flooring, which was created using a simple technique I haven't seen before from other DNGFOG creators. I may do another map with 2nd stories for some of the shops, but did not include those in this map due to the amount of assets and customization used.

An "Estate District" and "Old Town" are also currently available for Raven's Bluff. Follow me if you like my maps or to keep an eye out for new districts as they become available. Cheers- Hun E B
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