Dreadwood - Demon Shrine
An old elvish story tells of the green knight, who leads the wild hunt against Waythe, the demon lord of curses, hunters, and beasts. The green knight's hunters died, until it was he alone who was facing Waythe. He killed Waythe with his bow of horn, and drank his blood. Yet he found he was transformed - bestial, cunning, and savage. He had become Waythe, and the ruined corpse before him was no longer Waythe's, but was the corpse of an elven knight clad in all green.

Deep in the dangerous forest of Dreadwood lies this ancient shrine to the demon lord of the hunt, Waythe. It is said that elves who got lost in the woods begged for salvation, for many monsters stalked their trail. Those who went so far as to forsake their gods, and cry out for salvation from anything, ended up finding this shrine. There they made a sacrifice in blood, feeding the blood tree in the shrine, and gaining supernatural powers which allowed them to survive within the Dreadwood. Yet the blessing was also a curse, for they became monsters, only to stalk the boughs of Dreadwood - hunting those poor souls who get lost forevermore.
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