Everyone "loves" a sewer level
Especially this one, which includes a trash compactor with tentacle monster (thanks Starwars), a rust monster ambush (to really amplify that dark souls feeling of hopelessness at your table), a pit trap that drops into a gelantinus cube right infront of a door that leads to an abandoned thief's house, and a druid in a shack. Yes, a druid who is all about the natural process of decomposition and fertilizer, AKA: "poop druid".

I plan on coming back and expanding this map for future adventures at my own table, which leaves lots of room for you all to clone and expand this map for your own campaigns. Hopefully the encounter ideas listed above inspire some DMs out there! Have fun!


Hello everyone! Because of some developments in my campaign I've ended up expanding this dungeon. Stuff I added (which might spark some ideas):
A hidden crypt with a diamond, and ghouls
A black pudding encounter with some barrels of oils to even the odds
The shrine of a rat. Swarms of rats gather here to donate gold coins by placing them in its mouth.
A cave with an archer ambush
A thieves lair with a tavern, an "alchemist" lab (with a Tony Montana size pile of Devil's Salt), and a room for the Boss. PCs can play blackjack, throwing daggers, or dice....or they can rid the city of these drug dealing scum!
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