Asteraoth's Workshop
Asteraoth's Workshop is a forgotten lab seemingly dedicated to the research and study of harnessing Elementals for their life force and energy potential in Artificing endeavors. Each "Reactor" room has a trapped elemental contained and being used to power the facility's many locks and security features throughout the complex. Releasing these tortured creatures will begin to power down the entire lab.

The entry point is shared by a long dormant portal room where perhaps the previous owner and visitors had come and gone as leaves on the wind. For whatever reason the workings of this portal system are not functional anymore or seemingly so. All around you there's a low deep thrum of slow rhythmic machinations. It almost feels like the entire place is alive and holds a mysterious beating heart within its depths.

Roaming the halls are genetically engineered Gelatinous cubes that keep the facility squeaky clean and smelling of lilac and lavender. Magical suits of Animated Armor sometimes accompany the cubes riding along inside them for extra crunchy fights. The doorways between the main "clean" chambers are built with many channels and routes for the oozie cleaning crews to flow from room to room without obstruction by just pouring themselves through the doors' vein-like design. All the research materials and data are recorded in metal, etched on delicate but nearly eternal sheets of thin metal bound in tombs lining the walls in built in shelves.

Various “Clean” rooms are locked and protected by a security system of wild design. In the reactor rooms, if the doors are breached without deciphering the code or disabling the alarms, a security detail of elemental flavored drones for each theme; Fire, Earth, Air and Water; are dropped in from the ceiling out of recessed portals that operate as enemy dispensers. Once the reactor is disabled and the respective elemental is released, that room's power source will stop the waves of enemies of that element. The elemental will not try to fight but understands and will project gratitude and escape as quickly as possible.

In the lower level, sealed away by multiple walls of force powered by these Reactor cores, sleeps a monstrosity long forgotten. Encased in a tomb of stone intertwined with rune carved elemental energy dampening fields the creature has been trapped here for countless decades. A creation of chaos that went horribly wrong when its power couldn't be controlled. The creature sleeps but if woken will fight anything that moves to escape its eternal prison. Lashing out with all 4 elements; fire blasts, water jets of force, air, and earth.

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