Needlevine River Crossing
The Needlevine River has many corners and crannies as it runs cold and fast to the eastern coastline. This location used to be a defensive point of contention many ages ago a ruined tower base still marks the landscape. The valley gently slops downward to the lower left corner. You have 3 levels of elevation each one outlined by a 10 to 15 foot earthen naturally sloping ridge. The center of the map has a zig-zagged natural rocky crossing that can be navigated with some skillful footwork.

1. The top most waterfall has a natural cave system hidden behind it. This secret lair can be inhabited by any manner of predator or bandit.

2. The old Tower ruins have a hidden trap door passage forgotten by time that leads down into a sub chamber that links into the cave system under the rushing rapids of the Needlevine. Are the doors trapped? Who can say? What treasure might be laying in wait for those brave enough to search?
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