Belindo's Nook
You top the rise of a small hill and in the distance some 200 yards away lies a vast valley covered in a blanket of lush green grasses. Dotting the landscape as far as the eye can see, are copse of trees and shrub growth. As your eye follows the winding southern road you see a stark unusual geographic shape. Rising out of the valley floor is a horseshoe shaped mesa. Tall earthen natural walls rise up some 5 to 6 stories, crowned with more green grass and verdant tree growth. Small puffs of smoke drift up into the afternoon sky from within the concavity of the mesa betraying the presence of civilization. The Main road continues on south but a small side path veers off to the west and into the mesa\'s mystery. Floating on the winds, the sweetly heavy smells of fermented bourbon and hearth fires calls to your senses.
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