Nobriskov Mansion
This mansion was painstakingly designed with lots of detail!

A three layer map that spared no expense! Most of the rooms are named, so that you know the function of each. A number of the rooms on the map are tall, palatial rooms that occupy two stories. For example, both the arboretum and the library are two stories.

Visitors enter the mansion through the grand entrance way. Mansion hosts can see the grand entrance way from balconies attached to both master bedrooms. At the front of the map are the breakfast room and small ballroom. From the dining room guest can be shown the massive library, which has levels of bookshelves. To the northeast lies the servant\'s wing and the stables.

On the second floor, there are plenty (twelve) of guest rooms and two master bedrooms. Towards the back are the children\'s rooms, the den, and a dedicated playroom. Most of the guest rooms have chamberpots. Only the master bedrooms have their own bathroom.

The third floor features an observatory and seance room to the east. To the west lies a wizard\'s study and alchemical lab.
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