City, Raven's Bluff, Estate District
In my game these large estates exist in a posh district in Raven's Bluff where nobles and wealthy merchants live. I intend to make several more districts of Raven's Bluff so that the party can roam freely and discover numerous NPC's and adventures in different parts of the city. One of the estates has servants' quarters in an adjacent tower and a hidden dungeon of horrors that may be accessed behind a bookcase in the study. The other one is slightly fancier and has a full ballroom, perfect for a masquerade ball. Lots of options here for your own game, from heists, political intrigue, stealth missions, vampires masquerading as nobles, haunted mansions, general debauchery, etc. The larger mansion would be a perfect setting for one of the quests found in Keys From the Golden Vault.

In my game, this map was created to delve deeper into the back story of one of the party members. A party member's estranged mother, which is part of the back story the player created, has taken up residence in the smaller mansion and has adopted a young boy who claims that his friend has gone missing. The party finds out from the butler that one of the servants is also missing. The mother's behavior is erratic and she is made to look like the culprit. The adopted boy claims he is scared of his new mother and he leads the party into the study claiming that his missing friend went in there with mother and never came back. The party finds a doll near the bookcase that conceals the door to the dungeon, confirming the adopted boy's story. Once in the dungeon, the adopted "boy" reveals himself to be the fiend responsible for the disappearance of the servant and for the mother's strange behavior. The missing friend never was/was simply made up by the fiend to lure the party to the bookcase and to make the mother look like the guilty party. The party must defeat the fiend in battle and save the servant who is being held captive.

The party must also infiltrate a masquerade ball at the posh mansion. They are searching for a letter or contract that shows that the party member with the estranged mother who lives in the other estate isn't her son at all. Instead he is the bastard son of one of the Lords of Raven's Bluff (his true mother is one of the Lord's servants), and the lady pretending to be his mother since he was a baby agreed to raise him in exchange for wealth and a station among the nobility! This opens up a bunch of possibilities for future gaming: confronting the Lord, noble bloodline, eventual rise among the nobility and/or a formal title, etc. Of course, the party won't know these details until after they've recovered the documents from the mansion, then comes the big reveal.

I hope some of this is useful for your game!
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