"The Hook and Crook" Tavern
Thumbnail does not do justice to the detail and image quality. To get a better look view the actual map.

A small, interior map ideal for rp encounters that erupt into full-on combat. 70 px grid with Pathfinder/3.5E dimensions. Can easily be imported as a single layer jpg without grids and uploaded into Roll20 or another service without taking up too much storage space so as to remain "premium free".

At first, the map seems excessive as it includes no movable tokens, etc. But one could easily let the PC's point out the NPC's within after which tokens could be brought out. For example...a man sitting in the Northeastern corner may seem suspicious and turn into some monstrosity for a close-quarters fight that keeps the PC's on their toes. Chairs and other obstacles could easily complicate an otherwise boring encounter.

Use it all you like but don't make money off of it! Please and thank you!
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