Abandoned Research Facility overrun by Cannibalistic Cultists / Wendigos Ground Floor
A two level map I made for a Shadowrun campaign that I run. Feel free to use it for whatever else you can, would love to hear from you if you do. The idea for my mission is that the group is hired to retrieve an artifact that was stored away at the bottom of the storage portion of this abandoned Ares research facility in the Redmond Barrens and that a Wendigo coven had taken it over to use as their den. This is the ground floor of the map. The artifact is deep underground only accessible through an elevator shaft. The storage facility is surrounded by mines in case your players decide they want to try to dig their way straight to the objective. The upper middle left room is for the Matriarch who is the leader of the Wendigos and has been corrupted by the Elder God magic seeping through the artifact below and is conducting human sacrifices in order to increase the background count and open a portal to the metaplane of Elder Gods. The room to the right of that is her second in charge, the Enchantress, who brews unholy concoctions to help the coven hunt metahumans to consume their flesh. You can of course develop whatever story you would like for this map, I just figured I would share the original intent if that could help inspire you or if you just wanted to use it verbatim.
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