Inn, tavern, and gaming hall
The inn, or "The Sleeping Dragon Inn" as it's called in my game, sits on the coast of the Dragon Reach. It has a main hall/pub, storage cellar, guest rooms, baths, a common area, a gaming hall, and a stable. I use it for a 5e game where it serves as the party's main base for the campaign. There is a tailor/merchant who stays on the second floor and the adventurers can take rare threads (e.g., silk thread from a giant spider, etc.) and other materials that they find along the way and have them made into all manner of home-brew clothing and adventuring gear that give bonuses based on the materials used. It's fun to figure out what those items might be, how they can be obtained, and what they can be made into, and it adds another element to the game beyond just shopping from a list of items.
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