Rimecliff- Sea Caves
Many a poor soul has plunged to their deaths off the sea cliffs in the town of Rimecliff, but curiously, that number has increased in recent years. Even more curiously, very few bones or bodies have washed ashore.
Some in the town even claim they can hear a siren's song coming from the base of the cliff, but no sailor has been able to find it in the waters. Could it be that someone has already captured the Siren of RImecliff and is using its powers for their own ends? Only time will tell....

*****Because I'm using this map as a campaign setting now, and I had to adapt it for a younger audience, it can now have two stories associated with it. One version uses the "Sublevel" level, and features more puzzles and traps, and has no way into the "Guards Quarters and Prison" level. The other uses the Guard's quarters, but not the "Sublevel." Riddles and puzzles for the levels are detailed in the notes. *****
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