Large City / Town District
A large fully playable section of a city, filled with everything you need for a short city one shot, or as a base hub for a campaign.

The city features three levels, two of which are usable: a ground floor and 1st floor, with a 3rd floor for the roof, with 18 different buildings which are explorable and fully decorated. The map comes in at 57x31 units.

The map features the following areas:
* Bar / Inn (2 Levels, Bar / Bedrooms [Small, Medium, Double])
* Prison (Entrance / Large Jail Cell)
* Stables (For storing horses)
* Market Area (For buying items)
* Warehouse (Filled with boxes, perfect for stealth)
* Park (A senic place to relax, or meet people)
* Alchemist Shop (Decorated with potions and flowers)
* Guard Tower (Multi-level, with lookout balcony)
* City Hall Building (Multi-floor, lots of desks and a meeting area)
* 8x Houses (2x small houses, 4x medium houses, and two multi-room houses)
* Main road (Ready for adding carriges / other NPC)

*** NOTE ***
Due to the large number of assets this map is a heafty boi when it comes to performance. Please note that if you have a low / underpowered rig it will begin to struggle when moving assets.

I've locked all the assets to improve speed (probably a placebo), and disabled all lighting effects. Any shadows have been manually drawn by hand to try optimise and improve performance.

I've tried to make it as playable as possible within reason. This is more of a test to check out performance of the editor under high load.


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