Candy Land

I don't even know when I made this map. I do know I created it as an Ingredient - can be added to spice up a game, it's a whole thing with us at BattleSauce - a single environment virtually any player can stumble across. I updated this map on June 5, 2022, by adding more shadows and lighting. I also removed the old bridge across the "mouth" and used the path tool to create a new one. I also added a second level which includes a "tongue". Here's how we used it in our game:

Resembling the mouth of a giant creature, this bizarre
land formation has become a destination for brave
travelers and adventurers alike. The long, narrow
bridge spans the “maw” without railings - earning
the landscape its Candy Land nickname - devouring
everything onlookers throw in the seemingly bottomless
cavern, including those unlucky enough to fall into its
gaping mouth.

A strange darkness envelopes the center of the bridge
which only the brightest of lights can illuminate.
While on the bridge, characters experience an
overwhelming sense of dread, losing
all combat modifiers. Below the
bridge lies the first ledge with a surface covered by
an unknown, muscular-like texture and surrounded
by solid rock walls - some of which are more exposed
invoking the appearance of “teeth”. The cavern, or
“throat” depth is currently unknown.
Some perform rights and provide yearly offerings,
believing Candy Land to be the literal mouth of the living
planet Goreth. While others maintain the hole to be
a scar sustained from the original battle
between the Light and Dark. Some think
it’s just a cool land formation. What
do you think?
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