Elemental Challenge - Air
The idea behind this map is a themed challenge with a elemental plane of air flavor. On level 1, the characters would pop in on the upper left teleportation circle. The challenge is to reach the rope on the lower right platform. The chains allow for travel from one platform to the other. When I used it, if any player would fly, they\'d trigger a blast of lightning that dispelled it. If a player fell off the chain or platform (due to potential strong winds or flying elemental creatures, etc...), they would fall into the clouds and be "thunder stepped" back to the platform they fell off of (3d10 thunder damage). I had it so that the players could misty step across, but would have to make a STR save against a wind gust (pushing them off on a failure) if they teleported further than one platform away.

The rope can be thrown upwards, whereupon it weaves itself into a rope ladder that stretches up level two. On level two, the lack of chains forces the players to jump. When I ran it, I had the wind occasionally gust strongly in the direction of the platforms to give them advantage on the jump checks and increase distance.
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