Wizard's Tower and Airship Hangar (7 lvls)
This is a map I designed for a DnD 5e game I'm running. The entire complex is on a peninsula and includes a main tower (5 floors), smaller tower (4 floors) and a hangar for an airship. There's also a wine cellar with a hidden trap door that leads to underground caverns that in turn lead out to the water. In my game the party is sent to the tower because the wizard in the story is missing and they must explore the tower and find clues about the wizard's whereabouts and to find all the pieces of an artifact that will come into play later in the campaign. The party quickly realizes they aren't the only one's interested in the wizard and the wonders to be found within the tower. Lots of opportunities for traps, puzzles, magical loot/items, and enemy encounters.
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