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Church of the Changebringer
by mickeymaloney
Hanging Hedgehog Forest Tavern
by mickeymaloney
Black Ivory Inn
by mickeymaloney
Rat's Nest Tavern
by mickeymaloney
Werebear Circle
by mickeymaloney
by mickeymaloney
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Scull and Sword Taphouse
by mickeymaloney
The Heart's Desire (Upper Floor)
by mickeymaloney
The Heart's Desire (Lower Floor)
by mickeymaloney
by mickeymaloney
by mickeymaloney
Buckledown Row
by mickeymaloney
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Abandoned Town (Foggy)
by SpookyGhost
Abandoned Fairground (Foggy)
by SpookyGhost
River Gorge
by rek#3784
Cliffside Mill
by Mokattam
Ship Graveyard
by Blunzengrostl
Zhentarim Hideout
by DrewDefinition
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Forever DM, love designing maps for myself and my players.
Started playing D&D as a club at school when my students wanted to start playing. They were not organized enough to DM a longer campaign so I gave it a try ... never looked back. Making maps not only is great for tactics, but also is great for helping me visualize settings and for players who have difficulty visualizing just based on words. Plus it is fun.
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