The Heart's Desire (Lower Floor)
The Palace of the Heart's, inspired by the Fairy Godmother palace of the same name. The large Fey Castle housing the 3rd Faery Queen. The Faery Queen and her retinue reside here, and treat with quests from all across the multiverse searching for help in making their wishes come true. In this version, some rooms are in ruin as the Faery Queen has been ambushed and being held hostage.

The Palace sits atop a floating piece of the Feywild, reachable only by flying or teleportation. The upper floor is in a separate map, as this one is very large and was hitting the limits of what server could handle. One of the towers has been extended upwards due to a beanstalk. In the center, a rift exists to the realm of chaos, an artifact of the syphoning of chaos magic used by the Queen to erect the palace.
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