Scull and Sword Taphouse
This dingy saloon was converted from an old farmstead. A jawless skull impaled to a banner marks the entrance. No one knows who did this, but it is tradition to greet the skull on your way in. Inside is a rowdy environment with brawls and fights happening daily, usually resulting in a few people thrown out, at least for the night.

It is a popular place for scoundrels and misfits due to its cheap ale and liquor, and surprisingly tasty morsels. The Skull and Sword is a great place to pick up rumors, but you may want to do it while keeping a low profile.

The establishment is run by a Half-Orc named Frida, and her halfling business partner Cuff. They employ a female half elf chef called Rikke, who has a knack for creating delicious meals from less than savory components. Frida keeps the peace, or at least ensures there are no killings or broken windows, while Cuff peruses with the clientele. Unbeknownst to most, the Taphouse is backed by the Queen of Thieves, ensuring the flow of cheap booze, as well as the flow of unsavory characters ripe for the pickings by her Lieutenant Blackjack Mel who can usually be found hanging out in the back table.
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