Trapped Hallway
The original premise of this map is to create a trapped series of hallways in an old ruined palace. The magical defenses are still active. In my scenario, transferring HP or Spells into the gems embedded in the wall to lessen the trap strength. However, an encounter later on was empowered by the spells and/or HP being transferred. This section of the palace was designed as a way to slow down or kill looters. The levers on the wall deactivate the traps from the previous hallway, but also activate the traps on the next hallway, and sometimes open a pit trap right under the 10ft. area of floor next to the lever. Traps include swinging blades and gouts of fire. The "boss" of the palace ruins has a lair action that can activate to throw the PCs off as they progress through the traps.
OPTIONAL: I had a magical apparition appear and inform or make demands from the PCs (such as selecting random players to be the ones to transfer to the gem, and lessen or worsen the traps depending on interactions from the PCs.
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