Lakeside Village of Drynna
Docks, Tavern and buildings in the part of the Lakeside village of Drynna on the lakeshore. Some are a few stories tall.

1: Dockhouse/Fresh Fish Market
2: Lookout Tower/Shipwright
3: Emma's House
4: Hamish and Tessa's House
5: Salty Salamander Tavern and Inn
6: Maree's Emporium
7: Farmhouse
8: Fish Market (Indoor)
9: Fishery/Warehouse (imprisoned Grungs on second floor)
10: Chaotically Good Lakefood
11: Lonely Isle (actually 2 miles out but drawn closer so you can see it)

In my campaign, this was a village that group came into for supplies and learned material and people have recently been going missing. The villagers do not want news to spread as it would hurt their traveler income. The Fishmonger has been enslaving Grungs and harvesting their excretions to fortify and make their world famous wine. The Grungs have decided to fight back under the influence of a Fey creature.
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